Our Co-Sleeping Journey

When I first fell pregnant with Casia, I was adamant that co-sleeping is something that I would never do. However, as time has gone on it has become part of our day to day life and it’s something that I really enjoy. Although it’s come with its cons it’s also come with an awful lot of pros too. My bond with Casia is so strong. Although it always has been, sleeping in bed with her every night has made us so close and pretty much inseparable!

At the beginning I would have to hold and cuddle Casia all night long and as the time has gone along I don’t have to hold her in my arms as much. We’ve been sleeping in the same bed for eight and a half months now and as the months have gone by the cuddles become less and less. Usually now in the night she’ll wake and reach out for me or just look to make sure I’m still there. Sometimes I’ll even feel her snuggle into me and it’s such a wonderful feeling.

Co-sleeping has also brought its challenges, I haven’t shared a bed with my boyfriend for a very long time. Of course it’s hard that he now is sleeping in the living room on his own little bed while me and Casia are in our bed together but it is something that somehow works for us. I’d love for Malik to be back in bed, however right now it’s just not something we are not able to do. The way we sleep now, all of the family gets enough sleep to function and when you have a baby that’s a pretty important thing.

Co-sleeping isn’t something that I want to last forever. (Although I’d love it) One day Casia will sleep in her own bed and there will be a time that she will be ready to do that. I was eight years old before I slept all night in my own room and if that’s how long it takes then that’s what we’ll do. Lots of people like to have their own opinion and say things on the matter. “Ooh she should be in her own bed”.

“You need to get her in her bed before your new baby comes”.

“That’s so bad that she’s not in her own bed”.

But really when you come to think about it her whole life she’s know me. My womb, my arms, just me in general. I clearly make her feel safe and that is why she is able to sleep through the night when she is with me. So opinions and comments from other people really aren’t taken into any consideration. I am my babies safe place and I will continue to be there for her for as long as she needs me to. I will not put pressure on myself anymore for the “she must sleep on her own before her sister is here.” What will be, will be and it will be wonderful.

I love co-sleeping and it’s a very special bond that me and my daughter share

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