My Hopes For My Daughter

Casia amazes me every single day, learning and discovering new things makes my heart burst with joy. She is such a happy and wonderful little girl with her whole life ahead of her and I have so many hopes and dreams for her!

I am so aware of how cruel this world is, even more so since becoming a mother, I am also so aware that her life won’t be perfect and she’ll face struggles and hurdles and have to get through these tough times but I will be there at every hurdle to help her, be there and navigate her the best that I can.

I hope that she will always be happy

I hope that Casia will always have happiness around her and in her life. It’s truly what she deserves. I want to continue to see her beautiful smile everyday and know that she is okay.

I hope she will always be healthy

I more than anymore know that there isn’t just physical heath to be concerned about. I hope that Casia will be physically and mentally healthy to get through her life and never be afraid to seek for help when she needs it

I hope she will always be herself

I hope that Casia will never have to feel like she has to pretend to be someone she is not to fit in with the people around her. To be her and only her and people will love and accept her for that.

I hope that she will always chase her dreams and it will come true

No matter how big or small they may be I hope that Casia will always chase after what she believes in and follow every little dream she may have deep down in her heart.

I hope she will find someone who loves her

… As much as me and her daddy do

I hope she knows how much I love her

My love for her grows every single day! It’s an incredible love that I had never felt before I had become a mother! I will guide her through everything that life has to offer her way. I will be there for her through the ups and the downs and I will love her endlessly through it all.

I want you to know Casia that you will always be my best friend, you pull me through my darkest days and make me a better person. And that is why I hope that you will always know that you saved me!

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