Day In The Life

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and properly write a blog but finally been able to get round to it. So as you all know I had my beautiful little girl three months ago now and things in life really have changed. So I’m going to just write my day to day life and I hope it’s an interesting read for some of you!


Casia tends to wake up most day at around this time for her first bottle of the day. She’s now on 7oz and the majority of the time finishes the whole bottle. She’s gotten to the stage where she doesn’t wake me up crying anymore she’s just sort of “talking” to herself. My gosh it’s adorable! Feeds usually take between twenty minutes to half an hour. I then wind her and she usually falls back asleep. At this time I could get up and get myself ready but I tend to go back to sleep too


Usually around nine Casia wakes back up and we get up for the day. She doesn’t tend to be hungry at this time so we just go downstairs and play for a while. This is when I’ll have my breakfast and try and have a cup of tea (that usually goes cold as I’m just playing with her instead.) I usually am able to leave Casia playing on the floor while I sterilise her bottles and fill up her pots of milk while she’s distracted. After that I get her dressed for the day and usually read her a book.


Around this time is when Casia will start to get a little hungry again so I’ll make up a bottle and feed her on the sofa. After that she usually falls asleep for a while but her naps in the day are getting shorter and shorter! I love to let her sleep on my chest for a while so I do and then I’ll move her over to her swing chair while I go and get myself ready. In this time depending on how long I think she’ll nap, I’ll have a shower and get dressed etc. If I’m lucky I may even get to do my makeup but that’s pretty rare.


I’m usually ready for the day by this time and Casia will be wide awake. This is the usual time I either go out for a walk or I go and meet friends and family. I make sure I go out everyday. I think it’s so important to go out even if it’s just a walk to the park. As I haven’t passed my driving test yet I tend to get the bus to a lot of places. Mainly to town. I love to just have a look around and grab a hot chocolate. (Costa have their Christmas Orange Hot Chocolate again and I’m obsessed) I love to take Casia to the library at least once a week to get her some new books to read so we do that around this time too.


I’m usually still with family or just about to come home if I’ve been out. If I get home this is when I’ll make myself lunch and Casia a bottle as she’ll be hungry by now. She doesn’t always finish this bottle she usually has between 5-6oz at this time. After that we have more floor time and she has a little kick about and is in her element. I then try and have a little clean up around the house but instead sometime I just want to stare at her so the housework just gets left for later.


Casia will usually have a little power nap around this time and tends to sleep for about 15 minutes, this is when I’ll make myself a drink and have a snack of some sort. At this time i also like to FaceTime my family, especially my sister as she lives quite far away and I don’t get to see her very often.


Around this time everyday I give Casia a bath. This is mine and her favourite time of the day. I put some nursery rhymes on in the background, get her pyjamas ready. Body lotion etc. I then make her a bottle and pick two or three books out to read after. Once she’s in the bath she’ll have a huge splash around! She gets so excited. I’ll start by cleaning her face, neck and any chubby rolls with just water and cotton wool. I then wash her hair (she doesn’t have very much) and body and then I leave her to have a little splash until she gets a bit bored (I’m just there laughing and telling her how amazing her splashes are) Once I take her out I’ll warm her up, I like to sing to her then too. Give her a little massage with her baby lotion and get her dressed ready for bed. Once she’s in her pyjamas, I’ll take her over to the sofa give her a bottle and then read her a couple of books. She will be very relaxed after this so I’ll just pop her in her swing and put some baby tv on for her (CBeebies is our favourite at the moment) While I get ready to cook dinner.


I’ve by this time made, eaten and cleared away dinner. If I haven’t been able to have a shower in the morning then I’ll go and have one around this time. Casia is still pretty chilled out from her bath and talking away to herself. I then will put her on her play mat to play while I shower so she’s not just stuck in the same chair for ages.


The rest of the evening is family time. We don’t really do an awful lot. Just catch up with one another and just spend some quality time together.


Casia will now be pretty hungry and will drink a whole bottle. This will be her last bottle of the day. I’ll feed her and rock her to sleep. I then let her sleep on my chest for around half an hour and then I’ll take her upstairs to her Moses Basket where she’ll sleep until 7:30am the next morning. She’s got so much better at sleeping and I actually get a full nights sleep! I’ll then get myself ready for bed and that’s the end of the day for us.

That’s pretty much our day to day life. Nothing exciting but just what we get up to. I’m absolutely loving being a mummy! Until my next blog, take care everyone x

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